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Career Day: More than Community Service


When most people think of Career Day, they imagine a special day at school when parents come in and explain their jobs. Adults think of it as a day to expand young minds and maybe influence the next generation. Students see it as a day without schoolwork.

Conklin Media changed all that on Saturday, April 27.

Over the weekend, we opened our doors to Wesley Church’s A-Team,  a group of amazing adults with cognitive disabilities, to provide them with an inside, interactive look at the workings of a business growth agency.

Career Day at Conklin Media

The event kicked off at 1PM as members of the A-Team piled into our Quarryville office.

Each one of us shared a snapshot of our roles at Conklin Media, tying in opportunities for our A-Team friends to participate in our crazy awesome process. They had their own photo shoot, helped us define the qualities of a successful salesperson, created a sales pitch of their own, took place in a blog post interview, and discovered the magic of digital design.

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Business Growth Became Personal Growth

Responsibilities often overrun passion in this crazy fast-paced society, but Saturday rekindled that passion for the members of Conklin Media.

emily conklin career day

It was a reminder of how fortunate we are to have the ability to do what we enjoy every day, and sharing that joy with the A-Team was perhaps one of the most inexplicably rewarding experiences for the Conklin Media team. Our hearts warmed as we interacted with these inquisitive people. Their curiosity refueled our passion as we gave them our time and little nuggets of knowledge.

Laughter echoed through the halls, and every person left wearing a smile. A new appreciation of life was born in the office that day.

We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to serve. We can’t wait to see our friends from the A-Team again!

What has been the most rewarding moment of your career?

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