Full Technical SEO Audit

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This is not just a “report.” We do an in depth crawl of your website and provide you with a 75 – 125 page report, along with a task list and explanation video that you or your team can use to fix the errors on your site. It is highly recommended that you do an audit at least once per quarter to expose unseen concerns with your site that could be preventing you from generating cash.



Our full SEO Technical Audit is a service that many of our customers choose to have completed on a quarterly basis.  It will expose potential issues with your site that could be preventing you from getting solid results from Google and the other search engines.

We will scan your site using our tools and create a list of tasks for you or your team to take care of and also provide a video explaining it all to you so your team is clear on how to most effectively address the issues. Typically our reports have 60+ pages of information, which can be overwhelming.  This is why we create a task list Google Sheet that can be shared with your team to take care of the issues.

We analyze the following items in our report, and share how to fix them:

  • Broken (404) Pages you may not even know about
  • Pages that have missing Meta Title Tags
  • Pages with missing Meta Descriptions Tags
  • Pages that could be penalized for having duplicate content
    • This includes Title tags, meta description tags, H1’s, body content, etc.
  • Pages with Poor or Missing H1 Tags
  • Broken Redirects (301’s)
  • Secure Pages with links to NON-Secure Pages
  • Pages that are linking to redirects and should link to the direct source
  • Pages that have links to broken pages (both internal and external)
  • Pages that have non-secure content on a secure url (https)
  • Images that are too large and could be creating site speed challenges
  • Pages you have included in a site map but are 301 redirecting
  • Pages that are not being indexed by Google (in the event that you DO WANT THEM indexed).
  • Secure redirects that you have redirecting to non-secure pages
  • Pages that are considered slow in the Search Engines eyes and how to increase their speed
  • Title Tags that are too long (or short)
  • Incomplete Open Graph Tags
  • Images that have missing ALT text set
  • Broken Javascript files
  • Broken CSS files
  • Redirect chains that are causing slowness
  • Incorrect SSL Certs
  • Localization Issues including hreflang values and links
  • AMP Issues including
    • Canonical Tags

We will also report on much, much more than the above.

Full audits can be completed within 2 – 3 business days.  Once you have your audit, you can choose to have us quote fixing the issues for you, or you can have your own tech team handle it.

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  1. Mac

    Really happy with this. Gives our team a detailed breakdown of what to fix (half of what I didn’t realize needed fixed).

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