Project / Account Manager

  Quarryville, PA  ·  Full Time

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Job Description

Conklin Media is a fast-growing business growth agency that helps companies across the globe to grow, using highly defined and profit focused digital marketing strategies. These strategies have been trademarked as ProfitPaths®. Please watch the ProfitPath® introductory video on our homepage to understand more! 

These strategies often include creating paid traffic campaigns that send traffic from social media and search engines to assets designed by our team. We then create retargeting campaigns that push these individuals through a ProfitPath™, leading them to a conversion for our customers.

If you’re an experienced paid traffic professional who, while working with and under the guidance of management, can look at the big picture of a business growth strategy, create audiences in social media platforms, build profitable paid search campaigns, and then optimize and report on what you’ve done, we’d love to talk with you about joining our team of business growth strategists.

We love marketing. We love the frenetic pace of client work. And we love working with the brightest and best people that love these things as well. So, if that’s you and you’re looking for an opportunity to surround yourself with high growth individuals in a high growth company, then let’s talk! 

What you’ll be doing

This position is projected to be 70% Project Management and 30% Account Management focused.

The 70% Project Management will involve:

  • Input of project data and specifications into LiquidPlanner
  • Management of the internal team’s schedule via LiquidPlanner
  • Ensuring all work is accounted for, scheduled, and completed on time and within budget.
The 30% Account Management involves:
  • Full life cycle account management for select clients.
  • Handling the majority of communication with select clients. This includes post kick-off call recap emails, scheduling and holding client update calls every 3 weeks, and as needed email, phone, or Slack communications.
  • Working with the production team to ensure strategies are clearly defined and are being executed synergistically across multiple “departments”.
  • Working with the production team to ensure all established deadlines are met
  • Ensuring that clients understand the campaign at the level that’s specific to their needs.
  • Mediate, strategically, between client and the Conklin team in an effort to retain and build long-term partnerships.
  • Cross / Up Sell clients when in the best interests of the client and Conklin Media.
Who you’ll be working with

Our team of 18 is made up of experienced designers, coders, SEO Experts, business growth consultants, conversion optimization specialists, writers, and more. We’ve been doing this successfully for years. Our team is unique to the typical agency because we don’t hire specialists. We hire what we call “specializing generalists.”

We don’t aspire to have a team of more than 20 people. We want to remain agile as we deep dive with approximately 50 clients.  

We aren’t looking for an entry level individual for this position, but rather someone with a couple years experience. We’re going to expect you to be fast at what you do and incredibly focused on attention to detail. To succeed, you’ll need to …
  • Have an ability to understand a variety of businesses and business models.
  • Be comfortable with multitasking and working on many projects at once, switching gears regularly.
  • Have a desire to collaborate with other experts on the team.
  • Experience with LiquidPlanner is preferred.
  • Possess an amazing attention to detail.
  • Be a well spoken and confident communicator that can clearly articulate business goals and objectives.
  • Be a creative problem solver, possess a strong self-confidence, and have a natural ability to work under pressure.
  • Have proven strong project management and time management skills.
  • Have an advanced understanding of:
    • Paid search including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and second tier search
    • Paid social including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and new platforms as they come on the market and gain popularity.
    • User Experience as it relates to paid search quality scores, AMP, Facebook content, and more.
    • Split testing platforms such as VWO, Google Optimize and others.
    • CRO Tools like Hotjar
    • Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.
  • Have a strong desire to learn and get better.
  • Be passionate about and have a desire and capability to successfully make decisions independently and confidently.
  • Possess a desire to learn new software and strategies being used in the market.
  • Be able to travel a few weeks out of the year, if need be.
It is required that you have at least 2 years of agency account or project management experience.
Compensation & Benefits
This is a big role and we want to reward the right person with a generous salary! Let us know what you want/need and we’ll do our best to make it work.
Health Insurance

Our company provides fully paid health coverage for every full time employee. Additional family members may be added at the expense of the employee.

Unlimited Time Off

We have an “unlimited time off” policy, which means that if you need off – take off. However, this doesn’t mean that the work doesn’t get done. Our team members are mature and dedicated enough that when they are going to be out of town, they proactively ensure that nothing on their plate is dropped.

Zero Tolerance Gossip Policy

We are dedicated to having an environment where people don’t speak negatively about each other behind their backs. We define gossip as “saying something negative about someone else on the team to a person who can’t fix the situation.” In other words, if you have a concern, speak with your supervisor about it, or address it directly with the person in question.


When our team helps to create profit, we believe in sharing it. Our profit sharing is distributed monthly and you’ll find us to be more transparent than most companies about our numbers. The calculations for profit sharing are based on both longevity and overall contributions.

Work From Home Wednesdays

Some of our team members choose to work from home on Wednesdays from time to time. While the office is still open, this is a time for you to focus on projects that you can more effectively handle outside of the office, or simply to get a change of scenery. 

Please note that Conklin Media has purchased a new building (2600 Columbia, Lancaster, PA) and will be moving in July of 2020. In the interim, Conklin will provide additional remote flexibility if the current location in Quarryville is problematic.  

Would You Like To Apply?

If you meet the requirements here, please send an email to along with your resume and why you think you’re the perfect fit. We can’t wait to hear from you!