Hundreds of Thousands in New Revenue From Ecommerce Redesign

Ecommerce Programming Site Redesign Results in Thousands of Orders in Just 5 Months

AutoFloorGuard had a site that functioned, but wasn’t SEO friendly and had a rough user experience. Our team was able to capture the business goals that AFG had in place, create a new site, videos, digital assets, and build an extremely profitable paid search, paid social, and paid amazon campaign. The campaign was so successful, in fact, that we had to turn if off for a time becuase there were more orders than the company had product to sell.

Technical Strategy

We met with our client and determined that to meet their goals, we would need a new site structure, some digital assets to generate leads, and paid campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Site Redesign

We started from scratch and built a new infrastructure and site from concept to solution. It was a hands off experience for our client (they wanted it that way). We were able to capture their goals and create a site they loved and, more importantly, converted at more than twice the rate of their previous one.

Paid Campaigns

Our team was able to create profitable paid search, paid social, and paid Amazon campaigns. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Challenges & Our Solution

We were challenged with growing the search engine exposure for this market leading real estate office. When reviewing the site we discovered many opportunities for growth. Our team put a plan of attack together to repair broken links, modify link flow, edit thousands of meta title and description tags, and properly channel flow to increase search engine authority and conversions.

Within a few months, the work had been completed and the results were spectacular, including a 60.2% increase in YOY traffic. The next phases of this project are beginning, as of this writing.

Results From Redesign, Programming, Asset Creation & Paid Traffic Campaigns

The client wanted us to just handle things with a hands off (for them) approach. We delivered.

  • 3x Conversion Rate Increase
  • Product SOLD OUT within a month of launch
  • First page organic Google rankings 10x’d
  • Multiple videos and campaigns around those videos launched


Revenue Growth in 8 Weeks


Ranking Keywords Growth

From Our Client

We are now in year two of working with Conklin. They are some of the smartest people we’ve worked with in the business. They did such a great job on the AutoFloorGuard project, that we have decided to bring them into other companies as well.
Bob Paige

VP Operations, AutoFloorGuard

Videos We Created

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