60.2% YOY Increase In Search Traffic From Technical SEO

Business Growth From Technical SEO Overview

This was such an exciting project for our team. The CMS system utilized by the client was proprietary and our team hadn’t previously worked with it. There were many technical challenges to overcome and we were successfully able to concur them all. Read below how we achieved all the goals the client had for this phase of the project.

Technical Strategy

After a sit down with the client, we were able to determine BUSINESS GROWTH desires and craft our technical SEO strategy around that.

Broken Link Repair

Many broken links were harming the sites growth. We developed a solution to make sure that the business goals were accomplished while executing search engine friendly solutions.

Multi Language SEO

We impemented proper canonical tagging throughout the site to fix link equity dilution.

Challenges & Our Solution

We were challenged with growing the search engine exposure for this market leading real estate office. When reviewing the site we discovered many opportunities for growth. Our team put a plan of attack together to repair broken links, modify link flow, edit thousands of meta title and description tags, and properly channel flow to increase search engine authority and conversions.

Within a few months, the work had been completed and the results were spectacular, including a 60.2% increase in YOY traffic. The next phases of this project are beginning, as of this writing.

Results From Technical SEO

Please understand, we haven’t even started the outreach (link building – off page SEO) for this project. From our technical improvements alone:

  • 26% Growth from organic search.
  • 60.2% year over year growth from organic search.
  • This years growth RATE compared to last years growth rate from organic search us HUGE
  • At the start, the site ranked for 7,836 keywords

THE SITE NOW RANKS FOR 10,230 KEYWORDS! A 30.5% increase!


Organic Search Growth


Ranking Keyword Growth

From Our Client

So exciting to see the effects of the work you’re doing paying off so quickly… THANK YOU!!
Laurel Cecila

CMO, Callaway Henderson

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