Site Re-Platforming, Custom Programming, and SEO Combined For Huge Success


Woodtex has great products, an intelligent and capable marketing team, and growth focussed leadership. Their challenge was they didn’t have the expertise internally to handle a large development project that involved changing the content management platform they were running, redoing a shed pricing calculator to be an ecommerce tool, and building links into the site to help it’s SEO rankings to grow.

So, they trusted us to help them out, and the results were incredible. This was a multi-month project, and our team was able to bring it all home.


Custom Coding 3D Shed Design and Pricing Tool

We were able to redo the 3d Shed Design and Pricing Tool onto a new platform, and create thousands of different pricing combinations based on the zip code of the consumer, the different options and more. We used a tool called WooCommerce to power the ecommerce engine, and today people are designing and buying sheds right on the website.

This was in addition to all of the challenged with ensuring that SEO was set up properly, inventory was correct, and more.


No One Lost Sleep On This One

If you’ve done a devevelopment in the past, you probalby no how easy it is to lose a ton of rankings and traffic from Google and the other search engines.

With this project, we surgically ensured that we had 301 redirects set up, and that url modifications were limited. This resulted in what you see in the chart.

While we had a small dip, the site came back faster and better than before we were involved.


Our Process





Client View

Wow. They know SEO, they know design, they know development. And they don’t just know it… they are GREAT at it.
Paul Farmer

VP of Marketing, Woodtex

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