Teaser Video Series and Landing Page ProfitPath™ Sets Records At Trade Show

Drip & Tease Campaign To Announce New Product At Trade Show

Our client wanted to announce a truly “revolutionary” product to it’s audience at a large trade show. However, there had been many previous times when a product was launched as being, “revolutionary.”

Our team proposed a ProfitPath™ for the launch to separate it and give it more authority. It turned out to be the clients most successful show as of that date.

Teaser One

We set up the landing page so that it would have a time release of different videos that lead up to the final. There was a popular horror film that was filmed at the time in a similar style to the video.

The individual featured in the video is well known in the robotics space and throughout the trade show attendees we emailed.

Once they came to the site, they would enter their email address and then be alerted when video two was released.


Second Teaser

After we had some critical mass and continues to talk about the landing page within the community that would be attending the trade show, we updated the site with video number 2 and sent out another email to the group.

This created more buzz and we now encouraged visitors to share with others in the industry.


Final Video Explaining The Product

Just before the show, we sent out another blast, letting everyone know to come back and watch the final video.

This drip and tease campaign generated a TON of buzz at the show and it was their most successful trade show at that time.


Our Process


Script Writing


Final Approval

Client View

Wow! The results are in from our trade show. So many people were talking about the videos your team created. Huge success!

J Cooper

VP of Sales and Marketing, Kuka Robotics

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