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AutoFloorGuard has an amazing product that sells through multiple channels including Amazon and Costco. The reviews are great, but they had a deep desire to spread their message online.

One of the ways we helped them to do that (in addition to Ecommerce site design, programming, paid search, paid Amazon, and paid social) was through the creation of 3 videos.

The project was 100% hands off for the clients. We handled the concept, strategy, hiring actors, lighting, makeup, etc.


Summer Video

We needed a quick video to use on social media, but because it was summer at the time, we had to make sure we related to people in their current season. So, we created this video asset, geared toward their target market.


Winter Video Asset

Once winter came, it was important to also have an asset that would relate to people who were dealing with a messy garage floor.

We were able to use the same actors and vehicle, but also ad a bit of a humorous spin.


Our Process


Script Writing


Final Approval

Client View

Conklin completely understood what we needed. The process of creating these videos was literally hands off. We trusted them 100% and they delivered.

Bob Paige

VP Operations,

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