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Websites Mentioning Over Time

One of the main things Google considers when determining where should be listed (ranked) when users search for a keyword are the quality and quantity of other websites that mention (link to) . This chart shows the total number of other sites that link to over time. Idealy, this should be always heading up and to the right.

Your Keyword Ranking Growth Over Time

Here is a chart of the total number of keywords your website is being found on the first 10 pages of Google for over time. Generally speaking, if you have a solid SEO strategy in place, this should be moving up and to the right.

Low Hanging Fruit Opportunities

We have created a priority algorithm that takes into account current position, search volume, difficulty to rank, and the costs commonly paid to rank for a keyword to discover the best opportunities for you to focus on next in your search engine optimization campaign. Here are up to 50 opportunities we discovered. If less than 50 are listed it's because your website doesn't currently rank for 50+ keywords that match our requirements. Watch the video to gain a further understanding.

Your site ranks for a total of 0 keywords but here are the keywords that rank in positions 5-20.

Keyword Position Search Volume Keyword Difficulty Index CPC Priority Score
No keyword data was found.

Broken Links

Referring page URL Link URL Link Anchor Type HTTP Code
There are currently no broken backlinks in our index for the specified domain/URL.

Paid Search

Keyword Position Previous Position Position Difference Search Volume CPC Visible Url Traffic (%) Traffic Cost (%) Number of Results
No paid search data were found.

Organic Competitor

Domain Competitor Relevance Common Keywords Organic Keywords Organic Traffic Organic Cost Adwords Keywords
No competitor data was found.