Does This Describe You?

Have you created dozens of paid traffic campaigns from scratch that have turned into phone calls, leads, and sales for businesses in B2B and B2C?

Do you love researching new topics that you know nothing about and learning how other organizations are having success that you can emulate and make better?

Do you have the ability and desire to be given a large goal and create the plan and strategy to achieve it without being lead and micro managed every day?

We need someone to join our team that will take the bull by horns and run with creating and optimizing paid traffic campaigns from scratch, and optimizing current ones.

What You’ll Be Doing

Traffic channels we need you to have EXPERIENCE SUCCEEDING in include:

  • Adwords
    • Youtube Ads
    • Gmail Ads
    • Search Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Demographic Targeting
    • Audience Lists
    • Retargeting Lists
  • Facebook
    • Retargeting
    • Cold Traffic Campaigns
    • Instagram Ads
    • Creating and working with pixels
  • Yahoo / Bing
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

In addition to building campaigns, you’ll be working with our team of designers and programmers to create copy and design ads that convert.

You should have experience working in wordpress so you can make minor changes to sites and landing pages.

The projects you’ll be working on include our own internal properties as well as our client websites.

Benefits & Compensation

Family Friendly, Positive Work Environment

Saying we’re family focussed at Conklin Media isn’t lip service, we really are. We have a positive and encouraging work environment where we encourage testing and learning. This industry changes constantly, and we expect self education from each of our team members.

We have a no negativity & no gossip policy. We understand that frustrations are inevitable when a team works together to achieve awesome goals. However, there are proper ways to handle it, and that’s what we do here.


We also have goals and objectives to hit for ourselves and our clients, and that is a priority to our team. While it’s not a regular occurence, there are times when we all need to come together over a weekend or during an evening to achieve a goal. Our team members don’t see that as a frustration, they are passionate and get excited about burning the midnight oil from time to time.

Learning on their own time, and reading just to learn are traits of our top performers. We hire people that constantly strive to achieve goals and set the bar higher for themselves. We want “A Players” who want incredible things for themselves in their lives.


Health Insurance

We have health insurance. If you’re full time with us as an employee, we’ll cover your insurance 100%. You then pick up any additional family members you want to add at your own cost.

Profit Sharing

We do profit sharing based on the time that you’ve been with our company. If we succeed, we want you to as well.

Vacation Time

As of now, we have a policy where we don’t track vacation. We hire team members who are responsible enough to understand that if they need off for whatever reason, they can take off. HOWEVER, they also understand that goals still need met.  So, if there is work that needs done while they are gone, they will either do the work while away, or work things out with another team member to make sure all is in order.

The type of people we hire here don’t take advantage of this system. They understand that taking a paycheck and not achieving goals is the same as stealing.

Want to Talk Further?

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