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Zoom launched their IPO on April 18, 2019 as one of the few profitable tech companies to do so in recent times. We looked behind the curtain to discover what they did – so you can do it to.

Content They Used

  • Video Testimonial Ads
  • Industry Focused Landing Pages
  • Hosted Webinar Pages

Zoom’s Techniques

  • Baked In SEO Link Building
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social Media
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Google Remarketing


The content zoom utilized

Zoom has achieved tremendous growth by using many smart strategies. Some of these include hosting webinar pages that their customers use to promote their webinars and meetings. Customers then link to these pages, creating an automated “link building machine,” so to speak. They also encourage their users to share these links on social which helps with social indicators in Googles algorithm. They are using retargeting using Google’s Display network, running LInkedin Ads, and Retargeting people that land on their site on Facebook. We go into all of this more below.

If you can bake in an SEO strategy like Zoom did into your business model, you’re automatically light years ahead.

Oh, and Zoom has a business audience. We hear all the time that CEOs don’t believe that Facebook is good for B2B Marketing.

The reality is that when you can retarget quality messeging on Facebook to the people who have now experienced your product – it’s HIGHLY effective – especially in B2B.

Self Hosted Landing Pages

Zoom gives it’s customers fully branded pages to most their meetings and webinars. This is an incredible strategy because those sites (often the cherished .edu college sites and .gov’s that SEOs get excited about) then link to the webinar pages. But they are actually linking to zoom.us, increasing Zoom’s link equity and domain authority.

Video Testimonial Retargeting Ads on Facebook

We found a lot of video testimonial ads that zoom is running (you can see them in the video). This is an excellent strategy to take someone who has been initially exposed to your brand, and give them confidence to move forward.

Industry Specific Sales Landing Pages

We loved this when we found it. Zoom is running a ton of keyword PPC ads in Google. But they have created specific landing pages (like this one – in the healthcare space). This is something we always recommend to our clients because of the increased comfort users feel when they know you understand them.

No Intentional External Link Building Strategy Needed

We analyzed Zoom’s external link building SEO strategy, and there doesn’t appear to be one, as their most cited blog post only has 16 external links. But, they don’t really need one because of the baked in strategy


Both of the pages you see in the image are on zoom.us urls. They both have hundreds of links pointing to them from high end sites simply because they are used as registration portals to students and others. This is one of the best business model built in SEO strategies we have seen. Not sure if Ariana Estrada Sole’ had anything do to with this or not – but if she did, great job!


Built In To The Business Model

High End Links On Automation

How Can You Bake In An SEO Strategy to Your Business Model?


Why Did Zoom Build These Pages?

When someone searches the web for “HIPPA complaint video conferencing solutions” or other related terms, Zoom could have simply sent those people to their homepage. But by creating a specific and focussed page for people with specific needs (we call those Avatars) it creates a higher converting landing page.

Lower Bounce Rate

The lower your bounce rate, the better your rankings. We have tested this over and over.

Higher Conversions

When people feel you really understand them and their needs, it makes you appear more able to assist with their needs and increases conversion.

Once users landing on zoom to join a webinar, they are often retargeted to come back to the site on Facebook and others.

A lot more to the story with zoom

We ran Zoom’s website, zoom.us, through our Growth Strategy too, CEOKnow.com to look a lot deeper into the data. You should check it out.

Here is the link to a screenshot of the report on zoom.us.

Click here to try CEOKnow for your site.




The numbers

It’s important to remember that the money zoom is spending on marketing… from PPC to Landing Pages, to Retargeting and Social Ads is PROFITABLE. It’s not like they had a bunch of cash to burn, so they spent money to create loss leaders. This company is profitable.



  • DIRECT TRAFFIC – 80.75%
  • SEARCH TRAFFIC – 6.63%
  • SOCIAL TRAFFIC – 3.71%



Youtube Subscribers

Referring Domains

Our case studies

While we weren’t the ones to help Zoom grow, we have created a ton of stories outlining our clients successes, which you can find by clicking here.

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